Executive Benefit Plans Designed for Nonprofits

Recruiting and retaining talent amid increased scrutiny and need for greater transparency are some of the primary challenges facing nonprofit organizations today. Traditional plans, such as SERPs or 457 plans, are not specifically tailored to the unique circumstances of nonprofits. Newly designed solutions are required for more effective results that will provide a competitive edge.

A team of legal, tax, and financial experts in the nonprofit Executive Benefit Planning arena have developed a revolutionary solution consistent with current regulations that is a quantum leap above traditional benefit plans.  Our solution is the most exciting benefit program for nonprofits, their executives and physicians in the last 40 years.

While benefits under traditional plans are currently a cost to the employer, our plan turns some or all of that cost into an asset of the nonprofit. Participating physicians and executives receive potentially up to 2-3 times the benefits that are currently possible, with the same money they are already using. It is bankruptcy/asset protected and managed by independent trustees.

Benefits to the Nonprofit:

• Provides an attractive tool to attract and retain high quality leadership
• Immediate reduction of costs
• Enhanced financial position – converting a traditional liability into a performing asset
• More favorable Form 990 reporting
• No cost or labor to set up or administer

Benefits to the Participant:

• Provides a more flexible and reliable benefit program for the participant
• Market upside without downside risk
• Pre-tax contributions, tax-free growth, and tax-free distributions at retirement
• Valuable ancillary insurance coverages

​Even for-profit physician groups can take advantage of these plans if they receive some of their compensation directly from a non-profit hospital.  This is huge opportunity to take advantage of a plan that is substantially more attractive than anything they currently have available.
"Intelligent Designs for the Accumulation and Preservation of Wealth"